Landscaping and Driveway Tips


If you are thinking about planting down trees, and bushes around your home here are some tips from West Cost Home Inspection. In Los Angeles, shade trees are better places in the East, West, and Northwest parts of your property and we also suggest that you take caution in the kind of tree you actually pick. Make sure you really know what you want in your plant. Is it just for color and eye appeal? Or do you perhaps want a quick growing tree?

There are questions to consider. Do you want a tree that provides shade in the summer and light in the winter? Would you like having evergreens give you a break from the wind year around? One more thing to think is the maintenance of the tree? Will it require water often? Can it survive in a dry summer? The last thing to consider in landscaping is the location of your trees relative to plumbing and power lines and the foundation. If you ever plan on selling your home these suggestions will prove valuable in landscaping during your home inspection.


Whether we like it or not, things where out and driveways are no exception to that rule. Every driveway's length of life is determined by a couple of main factors... the base and the thickness of the asphalt that has been laid. No matter how good the driveway is, the pavement will eventually crack like an informant criminal in protective custody. When the problem arises and you get your first humpty dumpty, do not use liquid asphalt to conceal the problem. This only works for a few months at the most and it will in no way put humpty back together again. It would be wise to have a professional come out and have a look instead of trying to repair it yourself because you're encouraged by the DIY channel. We applaud your enthusiasm though.

When you start seeing small dips in the driveway, it needs to be repaired immediately. These small dips will deteriorate quicker than the rest of the driveway and cause long term damage. Again, if you're wanting to sell your home one day, it is best to make sure the above is taken care of because a home inspector will come along with all of his knowledge and tag you for during your home inspection in Los Angeles.