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West Coast Home Inspections provides full inspections for
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Los Angeles Home Inspection

Whether you are buying or selling your home in Los Angeles, West Coast Home Inspection can provide an easy mind and assist you an effortless transaction with the other party. West Coast has been serving the Los Angeles County areas for over 10 years and has countless inspections under their belt. Our home inspections include everything from the top to the bottom including: Roofing, Foundation, Electrical, Plumbing and more! We have been trusted by our home owners and seekers with Los Angeles home inspections due to our commitment to kind, courteous service and thorough reports that tell you exactly what's going on in your home.

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Residential Property

Know what's going on in home before you buy or sell with a residential inspection.

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West Cost Home Inspection
Commercial Property

Our commercial inspectors specialize in a variety of non-residential inspections.

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Commercial Buildings
Investor Property

Investors high incentive to have inspections, whether in a townhome, or apartments.

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Home Inspector Los Angeles

It's crucial to find a home inspector in Los Angeles that you can have confidence in. Picking the best Los Angeles Home Inspection company does not come without it's possible pitfalls. Here are some tips about how you can be sure you're choosing the best home inspector to handle your affairs.

  • First, never hire an inspector who provides repairs along with his or her home inspection report. This is a big conflict of interest and could leave you paying out more money than you actually need to for your home inspection of your Los Angeles property or home.
  • Secondly, be absolutely certain you're hiring an established inspector with many inspections under their belt. Many inspectors are brand new out of training and certification and they don't necessarily know the ins and outs of every home they inspect especially if the inspector has never apprenticed anyone in the past.

Experience in your LA Home Inspection

Our Los Angeles home inspection team has many years of experience handling the inspections of LA homes. We follow nationally regulated standards of practice so you can be sure your purchase is being made on quality work. It is important to hire a seasoned professional because your home may look fantastic on the outside, but the inside may have some serious problems or safety hazards.

What we Inspect in your home

At West Coast, our inspectors analyze over 400 items and work meticulously to identify the possible problems of the home. We leave no stone unturned in our home inspection process. When our home inspectors are finished with your Los Angeles home, we prepare a report specifically tailored with the details of our Los Angeles home inspection purchase.

Newly Constructed Los Angeles Home Inspections

New construction home inspections in Los Angeles are carried out upon the fininshing of the home, but just before one last walkthrough using the builder's customer support representative or agent. It is usually smart to verify that utilities (gas, water and electric) happen to be switched on, either on your part or even the builder with respect to the constructor's policy. The Los Angeles home inspection ought to be scheduled just a couple of days before you decide to final walkthrough using the builder. This can make sure that most, if not completely, last second products happen to be completed just before your inspection. Following the inspection, a completed report is going to be given to you. It is wise to keep your Los Angeles home inspection on file.

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